Contact Us & Location

Phone: (403) 242-2790 or (403) 829-2569 (cell)
Address: 240139 Priddis Greens Drive, Foothills County, Alberta

SpiritWood Retreat is located 20 minutes SW of Calgary, on the edge of the foothills. This versatile and spacious meeting space bordering on Priddis Creek combines with the quiet serenity of the land and provides a place to step outside the stress of modern city life. Step away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Calgary meeting rooms and convention halls and experience SpiritWood Retreat.

Take Highway 22X heading west past Priddis to Priddis Greens Drive. Turn left (south) at Priddis Greens Drive and then turn immediately left onto the SpiritWood Retreat gravel road. When approaching via Bragg Creek and heading east on Highway 22, turn right (south) at Priddis Greens Drive and turn immediately left onto the SpiritWood Retreat gravel road. Once you turn onto the road on the right hand side you will see a blue rural address sign 240139 and a sign for SpiritWood Retreat. Proceed down the road to the SpiritWood parking lot.

Important information to consider when you come…

  • SpiritWood is a rustic, natural setting. Please remember to wear appropriate footwear and clothing to suit the current seasonal weather and conditions. To enjoy the outdoors, you may want to bring your own sunscreen, bugspray, umbrella, warm clothes or boots.
  • If you know someone else attending your session, consider carpooling. The parking lot is located outside the trees a short distance from the building. It is possible to drive those with physical challenges to the front entrance way.
  • To preserve the beauty and cleanliness of the meeting space, no outdoor footwear is permitted. Please bring clean, appropriate indoor footware (ie. gym shoes, soft soled shoes, slippers) to wear inside the retreat centre.
  • Coffee, tea, drinks and refreshments are provided morning and afternoon for all SpiritWood events. Please REMEMBER to bring your own lunch if it is not included in your session.